Josefina del Mármol

Assistant Professor

Josefina received a Licenciatura degree in Biology from the University of Buenos Aires and a PhD in Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics from the Rockefeller University with Rod MacKinnon. She pursued postdoctoral training with Steve Brohawn at UC Berkeley and with Vanessa Ruta at the Rockefeller University, before joining the faculty at Harvard Medical School as Assistant Professor in 2022. Outside lab, Josefina spends most of her time touring the playgrounds of Boston with her very active 5 year old daughter, Ellie. 

Guido Petrovich


Guido received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Buenos Aires, working under the supervision of Dr. Hugo Adamo at the Institute of Biological Chemistry and Biophysics (IQUIFIB). His doctoral work focused on the biochemical characterization of a P-type ATPase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Aside from research, Guido enjoys teaching and mentoring. He worked as a Teaching Assistant of Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry of Metabolopathies, and served as a coordinator of the postgraduate course 'Mutagenesis and Functional Characterization of Eukaryotic Proteins'. He also participated as an instructor of the International Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences, offered jointly by the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Albert Ludwigs University in Germany. Outside of the lab, Guido enjoys playing football (locally known as 'soccer'), appreciating art, traveling, and hiking.

Jiawei Zhao


Jiawei received his Ph.D. degree in Biology from Tsinghua University School of Life Sciences in January 2021. He was a graduate student with Prof. Brian Kobilka and worked on conformational dynamics of the µ-opioid receptor using smFRET and DEER. Jiawei joined the del Mármol lab as a postdoc in 2022 and he is interested in the structural and functional basis of insect olfaction. Outside the lab, Jiawei likes reading and cooking.